Mairi’s Community Garden

Mairi ‘s Fund


Mairi Spedding was widely respected and the much loved Coordinator of Eastwood Community Centre Inc who died in 2009 after a long battle with cancer. Shortly after her death a group of friends and colleague’s formed the Non-Profit Foundation Mairi’s Fund which was incorporated in 2011.

Mairi’s passion was to remove barriers for people wishing to enter and grow careers in the community development field.

Working alongside partnership programs in employment, training and education, these grants exist to assist independent students with expenses related to education. In particular, these grants assist with expenses which when met, will function either at the time, or in the future, to promote a career within the community development sector. A well-timed small grant can:

  •  promote and maintain engagement with study alongside other life roles (parenting, caring, living independently)
  • encourage positive relationships between the individual, training provider, community centre
  • enhance a student’s capacity to learn
  • support skills enhancement for the community sector.
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